What Is The Best Fat Burning Supplement???

One of the most common questions I am asked is which supplement is the best fat burner?

It is understandable and natural that people would ask this type of question.  If you are on a trip and your goal is to arrive at a particular destination most of us would take a “short cut” if it is available. 

However, the only short cut to losing fat is discipline.  There is no avoiding discipline when it comes to reaching goals especially the goal of losing fat. 

Supplements selling the promise of weight loss are a lie, a gimmick and waste of your money and time.  Human physiology is not easy to trick.
There are supplements that can be beneficial to one’s health and support one’s training.  But, depending on these supplements as the “silver bullet” will not get anyone where they need to be. 

We are all disciplined and focused.  We are always applying our discipline and focus to some thing.  The key is directing this discipline and focus in the best direction. 

What is the best fat burning supplement to focus on and apply one’s discipline???

  1. A lifestyle of healthy eating habits. Focus on eating lots of plants - vegetables of all colors and plenty of green, fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains and some animal products. Avoid foods that have been processed and changed from their original state.

  1. Exercise. Exercise every day! At least a walk. Two to three days per week exercise including a lower body exercise (lunge, squat, deadlift), plank or plank variation, upper body push and pull. 4-5 days per week cardio (fast walk, jog, run, sprint, row, bike, treadmill, elliptical). You pick but get moving and move in all planes of human movement.

Just make sure you are taking the right supplement - discipline! You can do it!