Working her way through pregnancy!: Betsy Conroy’s Journey

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1. How did working out throughout your pregnancy help with your mental state and stress management?

Working out during my pregnancies helped my mental state so much! On days where I was nauseated or tired, pushing through the workout always gave me the energy I needed to power though the day. Also, I gained such a sense of accomplishment, as my body was able to do more than I thought possible while pregnant. Having a trainer with experience in training pregnant women made me feel safe and confident throughout each workout.

2. Do you feel it helped your body bounce back quicker after delivery by working out while you were pregnant?

Absolutely! While modifications were made as the pregnancy progressed, I was completely amazed by the exercises I could still do in the third trimester. When I returned to the gym, I started slowly. I listened to my body and followed the guidance of my trainer. But,, the muscle memory was there! I jumped right back into my workout regimen. It was easy to tell that my body was stronger and more responsive to the training compared to after my first pregnancy, where I did not workout during the pregnancy.

3. did exercise help keep weight gain down during the 9 months?

Exercise certainly helped me to keep my weight gain under control during pregnancy. While weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy, I know that my body looked and felt better thanks to my consistent workouts.

4. were your trainers helpful in modifying and keeping your training safe, smart, and effective?

Yes. While pregnant with my first child, I didn’t have a trainer. At 12 weeks pregnant, I pushed myself too hard and had to be seen by my OBGYN. After that, I was too fearful to workout for the rest of the pregnancy. I started at Forte shortly after my first pregnancy five years ago. During my second and third pregnancies, my trainer did an amazing job of guiding me though proper and appropriate workouts for each stage of the pregnancy. There were some moves safe for the first trimester but not after. It felt so empowering to be with a trainer who had the knowledge and expertise to educate me on effective pregnancy fitness.

5. Any tips for future moms!?

Let’s talk about postpartum exercise! Working out during pregnancy has tremendous benefits but getting back to the gym is so important. Forte has served has my fitness quarterback following all three of my pregnancies. I value my time with my trainer so much. It’s my time to focus on my mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, I weigh in every Monday. I love starting my week knowing that I am closer to reaching my fitness and weight loss goals. Thanks to Forte, I know that all of my goals are attainable with hard work and dedication.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us Betsy. You are an inspiration to many especially your Forte Family. We appreciate the hard work you put in as well as your dedication to your fitness lifestyle. Keep up the great work!

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