Personal Training Tips//Guest Blogger Morgan Mason from Whole Foods Chattanooga

Have you ever heard the saying “Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try?”   It sounds simple enough right?  But, when faced with the decision to push aside junk food and start loading up our plates with nutrient dense deliciousness, it can sometimes start to feel like anything but simple.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle or just beginning your journey, we at Whole Foods Market Chattanooga are here to be your travel companion, partner, or guide.  At Whole Foods Market, healthy eating is at our core - Our 7th core value is to “Promote the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education” – and that is exactly what we aim to do for you.

Both online and in our store you will find a variety of resources that will help you stick with your decision to make 2015 a year of healthy accomplishments.

Check out some of the resources that we offer below:

1. Our In-Store Healthy Eating Educator:   Our in-store Healthy Eating Specialist, Morgan Mason, is here to give you the tools you need to make healthy easy.  Whether you need some help learning how to select the healthiest options, need tips for shopping on a budget, recipe ideas, healthy eating resources, etc.  Morgan is here to help!  All services are free of charge.  Contact Morgan to make an appointment ( or simply stop in the store!

2. Special Diets:  Eating outside the standard American diet doesn’t have to mean deprivation. It’s true, navigating a specific way of eating can be challenging (especially if it’s new to you) but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you transform those limits into possibilities.  Check out the following link to find out more information about shopping for diets such as gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low sodium and more:

3. Planning Ahead:  When starting your journey of healthy eating, planning ahead can save time, money and sanity.  But, between your workdays, getting kids shuttled around, exercise, cleaning house, etc. it can be hard to find the time to plan.  That’s why we we’ve created five weekly healthy eating meal plans to get you started off in the right direction.

a. Also, check out these fresh recipe ideas for every meal in our collection of how-to videos, plus pick up healthy cooking tips and shortcuts while you watch.

For more healthy eating inspiration, that will have you ready to take on 2015, visit our website

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