Personal Training Tips//The Best Piece of Fitness Equipment is...


The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollars business. There are numerous companies selling equipment, and some of it is useful. There are pieces of equipment that are necessary if you are training for competitive athletics. But, if you are training to be healthy and functional there is only one piece of equipment you need. 

Your Body.

Yes, that is it. This incredible system of levers and pulleys is a machine in of itself. You don’t even need much space. I am going to give you a list of exercises you can do with this great machine and remember they can almost always be modified to decrease the intensity or increase it. 


Mountain Climber

Push Ups

Clapping Push Ups

Diamond Push Ups 

Wall Push Ups 




Side Lunges


Planks with Opposite Arm and Leg Raised

Side Planks

Side Planks with Leg Raise



Handstand Push Ups

Bear Crawl

Forward Roll

Backward Roll 

Rock and Roll 

Lying Hip Raises

Lying Hip Raise on 1 Leg

Long Jump

Vertical Jump

Lunge Jump

Single Leg Deadlift



All you need to do is pick out a few exercises – one for the lower body, one for the upper, and a core exercise. Some of the exercises are full body and they are even better. Do 1-3 sets of 5 to 15 repetitions, 2-3 days a week, and you will have a healthy, functional body. Or you can use these when you do not have access to your personal trainer or your fitness facility, for example, for when you are on vacation. This is not an exhaustive list and to learn these fitness exercises just you tube them. Your gym membership is free and it is you. Try it out.