Eating the Forte Way

Here are two easy dinners I had recently at home:

1. Trout over a bed of arugula with toasted almonds 

Go over to Main Street Meats and get some sustainably raised, healthy trout!  Season the trout with sea salt and black pepper.  Cook skin side down with a little butter and cover the pan until the top half of the fish appears cooked through. On low heat toast some shaved almonds until golden brown. Don't forget a slice of lemon! Place over a bed of arugula and enjoy!  If you are still hungry eat an apple, grapes or any fruit of your choice. 


2. Baked Chicken with stir-fried kale and mushrooms.

While you are at Main St. Meats, get some pasture raised chicken.  Avoid commercial animal products for your health, the environment, and social responsibility as often as you can.  Cage free is good, but the best is pasture raised!  Pasture raised means the animals are really free to graze! Bake chicken in oven at 350° seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and fresh rosemary.  Chop a large handful of lacinato kale and stir fry in olive oil, garlic, sea salt and black pepper.  Slice fresh mushrooms stir fry the same way you did the kale.  Finish with a salad of mixed cherry tomatoes. Slice them, chop a large handful of basil, season with sea salt, then olive oil, mix, then white balsamic vinegar, mix again and ENJOY!