You Can't Outwork a Poor Diet

Recently I was eating lunch with my good friend Kyle Johnston.  Many of you know him as the manager of Forte Fitness.  He said something I found compelling and true.   "You can't outwork a poor diet." 

There are two main ways I see our clients struggle with this concept.  

Some people exercise and never get the results they truly need.  They have a true need to improve their body composition and lose body fat. They continue to exercise but do not lose the weight. Almost every time it is an issue of developing consistent, healthy eating habits.  There are many tools that can be employed to assist someone struggling with their food choices.  If you are struggling, please set up a meeting with myself or Kyle.  We can help you!   

What concerns me even more is the second person I will describe.  At least the person who is struggling with their weight in most cases realizes the problem; however, the person who has a consistent habit of exercise and does not have a body composition problem often believes they can eat whatever they want because in their mind they are not carrying too much body fat.  The fact is that this is very dangerous.  When you eat unhealthfully and maintain a healthy body composition you are still delivering toxins to 300 billion cells.  Anything we eat either delivers nutrients or toxins to our most basic unit of life - the cell. Toxins deliver illness, disease and death.  Nutrients deliver wellness, health and life.  Being fooled by a healthy body composition and poor eating habits can lead to heart disease, diabetes and can increase the risk for cancer.  

Acknowledging the problem and coming up with a plan can truly be the difference in a high quality of life and living as long as one can free of disease.  

Our Forte team is here to help!