Pokemon Go: the next fitness craze!

Unless you've lived under a rock the past week and a half, you've heard of the new (and improved) Nintendo sensation called "Pokemon Go!" which requires its gamers to get off the couch and get moving. Based on the designers love for insect collecting, this game is a pocket monster scavenger hunt. As the game has evolved, though, and its counterpart released just this month, gamers are truly going on adventures, moving their bodies, and seeing their towns.

Just last night, I was sitting in Coolidge park watching as dozens and dozens of people chased Pokemon, using their phones to track, reveal, and capture the sneaky creature. Some were haphazardly riding bikes, some were stalking in groups, and other loners skateboarded by, their virtual map in hand. Though controversy will spin regarding whether or not Pokemon Go is hazardous, the basic stats are showing the people are becoming 62% more active. 

Is it just a coincidence that Forte's new extension is called Forte Go? Perhaps providential. Just chance that people meet at gyms to battle their Pokemon? Could be. 

If you're a Pokemon gamer and want to explore other areas of fitness beyond chasing Pikachu, contact Forte Go! today. Check out our website or email me Meredith@forte.fitness.