What Does Breakfast Mean?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  It means to literally break the fast.  After hopefully a wonderful night of rest for eight hours, your body needs to re-hydrate, refuel and stoke up your metabolism.  Your body never stops working so after eight hours or more without food and water, start the day right!  

It does not take long at all to prepare a healthy breakfast.  Just getting up another 15 minutes earlier can help you start the day with a beautiful and nutritious breakfast and is true health insurance.  You can do it! 

This simple breakfast is a broken egg omelet with onion, mushrooms, red pepper and spinach.  Put a little olive oil in a pan and throw in chopped onions and mushrooms.  While they are cooking, slice up the red pepper.  Then crack open a couple eggs and break them up over the onions and mushrooms.  

While the eggs are cooking slice a pear, toss with shaved almonds and kick it up a notch with a drizzle of honey and a dash of anti-inflammatory cinnamon.  

Head back to your eggs and throw the red peppers and spinach in with the eggs. Season with sea salt and black pepper.  

Try a glass of ginger and mint green tea.  I keep a piece of fresh ginger in the freezer.  I get it out and chop up a bit with a chef's knife and throw it in the pot of warming water for the tea.  I have a container of mint growing on the deck next to our kitchen.  Throw the tea bag in, and enjoy your breaking of the fast.

Some people count steps and that can be a great motivator and tool for your health.  My youngest daughter and I have fun trying to see how many different plants we can get in our body before our day even begins.  This breakfast that took 15 minutes to make has onion, mushroom, spinach, red pepper, pear, almond, cinnamon, ginger, mint and green tea.  Not a bad start with 10 different plants to break the fast!