Protein - Starch - Vegetable

A lunch or dinner composed of a protein, starch and vegetable is a simple formula for eating healthy. 

The protein for this meal was organic chicken breast pan seared in a dab of butter.  The chicken was seasoned simply in sea salt, cracked pepper and rosemary.

The starch is roasted potatoes in a cast iron skillet.  The skillet makes for a perfectly crisp outside and soft inside.  The potatoes were roasted in olive oil, sea salt, garlic and fresh rosemary.  I roasted them at 500 degrees, and they take about 20 minutes.  Check on them at about 15 minutes, and flip them around so they do not burn and build a crust on another side of the potato.  

The vegetable is a red cabbage sauteed in olive oil with sea salt, black pepper, crushed chili flakes and garlic.  Cook until soft and they begin to caramelize. 


Buon Appetito!