Taking Inventory.

It’s that time of year again! ’Tis the season for guilt and failed workout plans. But there’s always the new year, right? Customary 2017 resolutions full of diets, weight loss, and commitment goals riddle our minds with stress during a season designed for thankfulness and light-heartedness.

Anything I say in this blog won’t change your mind about the goals you’ve set, but I can help you maintain some sanity.

Before looking forward into 2017, plotting your successful trajectory into a healthy lifestyle, look back. Reflect on 2016 and take inventory. Don’t just dwell on the things you could have done better, but rather highlight the areas in which you have improved. If you have trouble allowing yourself to see and accept the success of 2016 (because let’s be honest, we are all our worst critic,) take a moment to realize that even the act of reflecting is a healthy start. 

Allow yourself to see your improvements.

Be gracious with yourself when mistakes are made.

Don’t move into 2017 empty handed.

Build on what you’ve done.

Pay homage to this past year that you were blessed to encounter.