Week 11/Meal 11 - Hunting and Gathering at the Baylor School

I also work at the Baylor School as a strength & conditioning coach, football and track coach.  A simple way to keep healthy is to pretend you are a hunter / gatherer when you are at a restaurant or a cafeteria.  

The hunter searches for meat that is not processed and not fried.  Choose one serving of meat that is in appearance as it would be if you hunted the animal and butchered it yourself.  I hunted baked chicken this time.  

Then I began gathering.  I took every plant I could find.  Eat all the plants you can as a gatherer.  You cannot eat too many plants.  With the chicken there is steamed broccoli and an Asian slaw.  The side plate is roasted potatoes, baked spaghetti squash and steamed spinach with cherry tomatoes.  

Hunt and gather and you will stay healthy!