What is Sabotaging your Weight Loss?

You may be eating right, doing weight bearing exercise, and getting your cardio, but you can’t seem to lose weight or inches.  What could be sabotaging your weight loss?  Red wine?  Red wine is often passed off as a healthy alcoholic drink because of its density of antioxidants and heart healthy reservatol; however, too much of a good thing could be the problem.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.  Vegetable, fruit, and beans have just 4 calories per gram.  That glass of red wine is almost double the calories for the same amount of food.  Even an unhealthy soda drink has only 4 calories per gram.  Those who drink red wine tend to consume more pre-meal snacks and eat more with their meals which contributes to a larger consumption of calories.  

For those of you who regularly read the Forte blog you might be thinking, “You said don’t worry about calories.”  That is true when it comes to whole foods, but it is not true when it comes to calories consumed through liquids.  Wine and alcohol, for those struggling to lose weight, should be consumed only for celebrations and special events, and even then females should have one glass max per day and males should consume only two glasses per day.