Four Preventive Health Screenings for Men

Colorectal Screening – At age 50 men should get a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer.  The testing allows doctors to check for precancerous polyps.  If one has a family history of colorectal cancer, testing may need to begin earlier.  Check with your general practioner if that is the case.  

Cholesterol Screening – At age 35 and every 5 years thereafter, men should have their cholesterol levels checked.  Treating high cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease.  If one is a smoker, obese, diabetic, or has high blood pressure one should begin cholesterol screenings at age 20. 

Prostate Screening – At age 50 discuss with your doctor whether you need a prostate screening.  If so, ask for a PSA test.  If you have a family history of prostate cancer discuss with your doctor whether you should begin testing earlier.  Men without symptoms who have probably less than 10 years to live do not need the screening.

Diabetes Screening – If one has blood pressure higher than 135/80, a fasting plasma glucose test can determine whether one has diabetes.