Three Reasons For A Plant Centered Lifestyle of Eating

1.  Plants are good for you! The main reason to consume a plant centered diet is disease prevention. The risk for cancer, heart related diseases, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases are all reduced by a plant centered diet. The China Study, one of the largest nutrition studies ever conducted in conjunction with Cornell University, found that each time an animal product was removed from the diet disease rates went down.  One of the greatest discoveries of a plant based diet is that it can reverse heart related diseases, diabetes and in some cases autoimmune disease symptoms. You don't need to eat meat. Plants are more nutrient dense than animal products. There is enough protein in plants - vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  A plant based diet improves one's immune system, energy levels, and longevity!

2.  A plant based diet is good for the environment! The carbon footprint of a meat eaters is 3.3 tons per year.  Over half of that footprint is caused by eating meat. Plant based farming is better for our soil, water purity/conservation, and air quality.  Plant based farming reduces the deforestation of plant and animal habitats. If you choose to eat animal products choose to eat from local sustainable pasture raised animals when possible.  

3.  A plant based diet is easier on the wallet! Simply put the most expensive food products we purchase at the grocery store are animal products - beef, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy.  A dinner of brown rice and beans, a side of broccoli, a salad and fruit for desert is much less expensive than a meal centered around meat. It simply costs more money to raise a cow than to raise a broccoli!  

Carlo Petrini founder of Slow Food - Buono, Giusto, Pulito - states the greatest political act we make each day is what we choose to eat!