Do You Need to Lose 30 Pounds? Learn from Someone Who Has Done It!

Learn from this Forte client – she preferred not to share her name but gratefully she is sharing her story and the wisdom she has gleaned on her journey. It took three years to lose the 30 pounds. She had her fair share of setbacks, highs and lows, peak and valleys but she has achieved her goal!

1. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

“I eliminated foods that have added sugar. When I began to diligently read food ingredients, I realized how many foods out there have added sugar. The easiest way to avoid added sugars is to eat whole foods like fruit, veggies, and lean proteins while also cooking meals for yourself vs. eating out. For me, if I have a sugar craving, I grab a piece of fresh fruit or add fruit to my smoothie (see below) to help eliminate the craving.”

2. Shake it up in the morning.

“I have developed the habit of drinking a shake for breakfast every morning. It’s quick and convenient and leaves out any guesswork on whether my breakfast will be healthy and full of nutrients.”

The Shake Recipe:

  • 1 cup Siggi’s plain yogurt
  • 1 cup Elmhurst Almond Milk
  • ½ Frozen Banana
  • ½ to 1 cup Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed (omega 3s!!!)
  • 1 handful of spinach ( I promise you can’t taste it)

3. Fall in love with water.

“I love sweet tea!!! That is one of my vices, but I have chosen to eliminate it from my daily diet. Removing the extra empty calories of sweet tea has made a huge difference. I bought a nice water bottle and keep it with me all day and make sure to fill it up when I finish. That makes me get up more at work and walk to fill it up, and to take more potty breaks!”

4. You have to track it.

“It might be tedious, but I have found tracking my food intake to be really beneficial. There are many apps and methods but the one that has worked for me is MyFitnessPal. It syncs with Fitbit and other trackers which makes it quick and convenient.”

5. Something is better than nothing.

“In the past, I would come home from work many days and be too tired to workout. When I finally stopped letting that excuse keep me from doing something, even if it is very small, I started making more progress. Once I do get started I feel energized and motivated to do more than what I had planned. Sometimes it is simply a day off from my scheduled training but I go for a walk around the neighborhood. To my surprise once I get moving I tend to come home and do some cardio on my stationary bike, planks, lunges, push-ups or some other body weight exercises I have learned at Forte.”

“For years I struggled in depression, embarrassment and bad health. I finally built up the courage to get real help. Forte was the answer for me. The trainers are all so kind, caring and professional. They walked me through this journey giving me just enough encouragement and firm accountability. If I can do it anyone can!”