The re-Solution Made Easy

The excitement of a new year brings forth a fresh start. Many of us are coming up with countless amounts of “New year’s resolutions” especially pertaining to Health and Fitness. It's important that certain variables are met in order to make your resolution(s) a success. It starts with harnessing that energy and excitement consistently. We all know “life” is going to happen during this next year. A suggested, more practical approach is a “new months resolution”. Reflect on just a little bit each day, not looking back and not looking forward. Over time, these small-scale decisions accrue to produce results.

Keep it simple. It’s easy to over-complicate things when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Getting started, I think if we focus on 3 simple disciplines, they will at some point become a delight!

EAT:  The best thing we can do is adopt whole food eating habits. Science proves that our bodies perform better when we consume products from nature rather than those of commercial industries. It simply means that nothing has been added or taken away from our food. There are approximately 33 trillion cells in the human body. We either supply them with vitamins, minerals, nutrients or poison.

MOVE: It is fact, that a sedentary life style will shorten ones life span. The human body has over 600 muscles - use them. Science also supports that exercise fights against depression while also improving self-esteem. The list of benefits can go on and on. Knowing how to safely, and effectively exercise your body is equally important. Consulting a personal trainer can be very beneficial to get you off to the right start. Benefits include an accountability partner, goal setting, and most of all educating and implementing safe, smart, and effective exercise. 

REPEAT: Consistent action is necessary in order to change our behaviors. Reflect on the short term in order to build for the long term. The only way you can fail is to quit. 


JJ Jackson - Forte Fitness / Assistant Manager-Trainer