8 Reasons You're Not Working Out (and how Forte GO! can debunk them all)

Written by Meredith Garrett

photo courtesy of Curtis Mac Newton (unsplash)


1. I don't have time.

I get it. Life already has us headed hundreds of different directions. How can we add another thing to the itinerary? The solution is simple, but it's hard to reconcile. We make time for the things we want. We make time to go to that concert, redecorate the bathroom, or plan this summer's vacation. There wasn't necessarily a time slot for those things but we made it happen. Granted, many things we do result in instant gratification, thus making it easier to invest the time. We sometimes view exercise as the proverbial dog bone dangling in front of us. But don't forget that you are in command of that dog bone's every move (spoiler alert: it's actually hooked to the stick on your collar.) So take charge of the things you want, reclaim your life and your health, and see that time invested now means more lifetime. 


2. I have no energy.

This is the part where you would expect me to rattle off a list of supplements. Quite the contrary. You don't need to generate a bundle of fake energy only to crash later, unable to function well for the rest of the day. Be patient with the process. Eat whole, nutritious foods. Be consistent with exercise. Cleaning up your diet and exercising regularly will boost mood and energy levels naturally without emptying your pockets scoop after scoop.


3. I can't get my diet on track enough to see measurable results.

This takes the cake for excuses. Pardon the pun. Granted, health is a dual effort, but pressuring yourself to achieve mastery of both nutrition and fitness simultaneously sets up failure. Take the first step and see how each subsequent decision becomes easier. Exercise instills a sense of pride that cannot be manufactured. Once you see your body performing and realize its potential to function, you'll take more care in fueling it properly. Seeing results is next! You'll want to maintain what you've worked so hard to get. If this natural progression of mentality still isn't enough to keep you from grabbing that Snickers, that's where we come in. Forte has formulated a nutrition guide focused on promoting eating well, not counting calories and deprivation tactics. We will track your journey with food journals, weekly accountably meetings, and troubleshooting.


4. I have no one to watch the kids.

Nothing tramples a workout buzz quite like seeing your child throw a tantrum on the treadmill's "Kidz Club Cam" monitor, or taking your pre-workout & using all your Pandora skips to find the perfect hype song only to discover that the gym daycare closes in 15 minutes. Let Forte GO! help. New mothers, stay home with your baby and we will bring the workout to you. Seasoned moms, don't drag all the kids to the gym- we will bring it to you. We adapt to your schedule and your setting. If you need to tend to the kids between sets, don't sweat it. We will make sure you get the workout you deserve and while also setting a great example of self-care in your home.


5. I am intimidated by gym settings.

Is that guy with the tight tank top and gallon water jug making you uncomfortable with all the grunting noises at the squat rack? Do you feel silly having the read exercise descriptions on the machines only to end up doing it wrong and fear you'll be trending online as a #gymfail later? Are you disgruntled that the only treadmill left is the one beside the gazelle goddess who's been running for 3 hours? 

You are not alone. The gym scene is not for everyone. Some people don't want to wait on equipment, feel like a spectacle, or wander around aimlessly. If that's you, then Forte GO! is your answer. Stop letting this excuse win, and let us bring the gym to you.



6. I'm not motivated to do it alone.

You don't have to! With Forte GO! you now have the option of gathering a group of friends to join your workout. Implementing more cost effective pricing and a little healthy competition, Forte GO! makes personal training more attainable than ever before. Small groups (up to 4 in number) can train together using partner style workouts in any setting you choose. 


7. Frankly, it's pretty boring.

All the new playlists & health stats in the world sometimes won't convince people to give a healthy lifestyle permanence in their life. Why? Because there isn't enough variety. Habits are great until they dig themselves a rut. Try something new. Try a new setting. Set a new goal. Align fitness with a new, active hobby. Allow Forte Fitness to generate a new spark in you and show you the avenues beyond just 3 sets of 12 reps.


8. I have an injury.

Listening to our bodies is very important. Too often I hear people say "push through the pain," and as uplifting of a coaching method as that may be in some cases, it's detrimental in others. It's a great cue for people building the mental dexterity it takes to get through a tough workout, but we must know the difference between pushing the body and harming the body. Forte, along with your physician, can help you distinguish them. Don't give up because of an injury. We can work with you through any rehab process to regain strength and stability, helping you to prevent further injury. Injury and surgeries aside, chronic pain can sometimes be alleviated by exercising. Complications from auto-immune diseases, bone density issues, back pain, and much more can often be soothed with the right training. Don't let nagging pain deter you from bettering your health.

Contact Forte GO! today, and let's ditch those excuses.