Find Some Fun & Supplement Your Exercise Program

A couple of years ago my bride bought me the best gift – a mountain bike!  After playing sports all my life, the only exercise I was getting was the regimented gym workout which I enjoyed but lacked the adrenaline of sports.  Honestly, I rarely had anything fun to do that was active.  I had fallen victim like so many of us to the busyness of adult life as a provider and supporter of all the children’s activities.  My kids still have activities, but they are getting to the age where they don’t want to play with me very often and the mountain bike has been awesome.  I feel like a kid again!  There are so many trails in Chattanooga.  They range from a nice hike to feeling like you are racing on a motorcycle dirt bike. 

There are so many different ways to exercise and one of the best ways is to find something that is fun for you!  It is not just healthy physical exercise but is healthy for your whole being!  In Chattanooga we have a wealth of opportunities – so - try something new!


At this site you can find any outdoor activity under then sun and where to do it in Chattanooga whether it is on land, water or in the air!

Find the trail you are looking for in Chattanooga or anywere! 




At the Y you can find group training, dance classes and adult sports leagues.