Charity Drive honoring our client Karla McKamey with McKamey Animal Center

March 23rd -28th

Forte Fitness will donate $1 per trained session to the McKamey Animal Center


McKamey Animal Center Mission Statement:

To protect animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation; to advocate for their interests and welfare; to reduce the unwanted pet population through an effective spay and neuter program; and to inspire and educate our citizens toward an awareness and compassion for all living beings.


What is McKamey Animal Center?

On any given day there could be between 250-420 animals at the McKamey Animal Center.  MAC provides a safe state-of-the art facility for over 5300 unwanted and homeless animals in the Chattanooga area. Those animals remain in the center until they can be either reclaimed by their owners, re-homed via adoption at the shelter or through rescue agencies if adoptable.  In addition to sheltering animals MAC provides commissioned animal control officers to enforce both City and State laws pertaining to animals. Those officers conduct the investigation of all animal related complaints from barking dogs to animal cruelty as well as the impoundment of stray, injured animals and animals at risk of neglect or abuse.  MAC also provides numerous programs and services funded through donations and grants to the citizens of Chattanooga that will further protect people and animals and enhance the quality of life through intervention and outreach programs. In addition MAC services an additional 5000 animals outside of the shelter that may never have to enter the shelter because of these programs.  Over the last year, McKamey Animal Center has increased the population of animals who receive potentially life-saving care by 300%.  This year alone we have reduced the euthanasia rate by 35%, and we have increased the adoption rate by 6%, which is pretty significant given the reduction in euthanasia.


From Forte’s client Karla McKamey:

“Forte Fitness improves my body and mind, my involvement with McKamey Animal Center improves my spirit.  Both places have been beneficial to my health and well being.  The friendships I have made at Forte Fitness with trainers and members are lifelong.  They motivate and inspire me and from that I have more to give to animal rescue.”