Why Get a Personal Trainer?

Many people believe personal trainers are just for celebrities or elite athletes.  Some people don't use a personal trainer because they "know what to do already."  Others believe it is simply not affordable.  The reality is that if you are not exercising regularly you will begin to compromise your health and quality of life.  We spend a lot of money on a lot of things: a mechanic for our car, an accountant for our taxes, "health insurance", we take a course to better ourselves and we pay for vacation.   I am not saying you shouldn't do these things, but we should consider using our money as a tool to best protect our health. Our health is not worth losing.  We can't do anything well when we lose our health.  We can't care for our loved ones, ourselves or enjoy the things that give us the most pleasure in life.


Do you find yourself planning to work out, but frequently allow work, family obligations or other excuses to trump your workout?  

Do you workout regularly but do the same thing, the same way over and over expecting different or better results?  

Are you producing overuse injuries doing the same things, the same way over and over?  

If you are working out regularly do you know that this discipline is really counting to improve your health?  

Are you really doing the right exercises? Do you know for sure that you are training safely and effectively?

A personal trainer will develop an individualized exercise prescription and a supportive nutrition plan just for you.  A personal trainer will provide the accountability to give you the consistency necessary to achieve health related results - a functional body - cardiovascular health - disease prevention.  A personal trainer is impervious to allowing yourself to talk yourself out of getting your workout in for the day.    

At Forte Fitness we can develop a program that works for you.  

Maybe your health is truly in shambles.  We will meet you where you are and walk with you step by step.  We will be your encouragement and cheerleader to restore and regain the health you deserve.

Maybe you can't afford personal training long term but you need to get started.  We can set up a short-term program like taking a class to equip yourself to train properly on your own.  We can wean you off, setting you up for success and touch base with you periodically to make sure you don't fall of the wagon.  

Maybe you are exercising regularly but are not sure that you are doing the exercises properly or even using the right exercises relative to your strengths and weaknesses.  Just a few sessions could insure you are making the most of your discipline.  

Maybe you just need some variety to add to your routine of yoga, mountain biking, running, or triathlon training.  Adding some smart strength training properly balanced based on the science of muscular ratios and manual assisted training even one day a week will make a huge difference if you are active but are not doing proper strength and flexibility training.  

Maybe you have a friend, a family member or a co-worker that you deeply care for and you know that their health is compromised and you are concerned.  If so lovingly and caringly speaking with them and inviting them to have a conversation may literally save their life.  


If one of these reasons has struck a cord with you or maybe another reason that you have thought is on your heart check out Forte Fitness and read the success stories of real Chattanoogans like yourself.  

Take advantage of coming in for a complimentary session. During the complimentary session we will give you a tour of the studio.  We will take your through the ACSM medical questionnaire to make sure you don't have any contraindications to exercise and if you do we will team with your doctor to develop the right plan for you.  Next we will set goals that will set you up for success.  Finally we will take you through a full training session.   It will help you learn how we work with our clients and we will gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.  Lastly we will sit down and discuss with you working to develop the right plan for you and then you are simply free to decide if Forte is the right fit for you.  


A personal trainer will provide a solid plan and accountability.  With a personal trainer you will have a scheduled appointment time and when you do have a true interruption the trainer will make sure you reschedule and stay on course.  It does not matter what level you are at because a Forte Fitness personal trainer will be able to accommodate your goals, determine your barriers and help you achieve true health related results!

Contact us today.  Come as you are and let us help you get where you want to be.