Fitness Tools...the Fitness Tracker

The days of the pedometer are gone. We now have amazing fitness trackers that are excellent at tracking vitals such as calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, and distance covered. Wearing a fitness tracker will improve one’s health. Fitness trackers simply make one more mindful and therefore more motivated / goal oriented in regards to fitness. Finding the tracker that is best for you is the key.

Here are the top ten according to PC Mag.  Visit this site to read about all the pros and cons of these models.

1. Basis Peak - $199

2. FitBit One - $99.95

3. FitBit Flex - $99.95

4. Garmin Vivosmart - $169

5. Jawbone UP24 - $149

6. Magellan Echo Sport Watch - $149

7. Runtastic Orbit - $119

8. FitBit Zip - $59


9. Microsoft Band - $199

10. Misfit Flash - $49

This doesn’t give you all the info you need but it gets you started as you investigate which fitness tool is best for you.  Again check out the website for more details about each tracker.